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About Us

"Our purpose is to improve the lives of animals and the people who care for them."

At Healthy Pet Behaviour Services

We know the importance in having a healthy and happy relationship with your pet. Behaviour Vets are qualified Veterinarians with a high level of skill, experience and additional qualifications in the field of veterinary behaviour medicine. We strive to improve the wellbeing of animals and their carers. Some pets have very obvious behavioural challenges, whilst others may be suffering in silence. We identify the underlying reasons for why animals behave the way they do and formulate plans to manage and treat those issues. Carers are an integral part of the team in helping animals learn to cope better - we work together with you. 

Our methods are based in science and aimed at diagnosing the underlying emotional, mental health or physical issues that lead our pets to behaving the way they do. We use “Low Stress” and “Fear Free” methods to ensure your pet achieves long term results and that improve your relationship. Behaviour plans involve a complete management plan which includes Behaviour Modification (teaching coping strategies to pets), Environmental Management (improving the pet’s environment to reduce triggers for problem behaviours) and Medication (if indicated). Plans are tailored to individual animals and the families that they live with, in order to have strategies that work for your particular circumstances.

Dr Bronwen Bollaert

Our Head Veterinarian, Dr Bronwen Bollaert, has over 20 years of veterinary experience working with domestic pets, wildlife and zoo animals. She has additional qualifications in Veterinary Behaviour and is a Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, the body that oversees the qualifications of Members and Fellows (Specialists).

She is certified in “Fear Free” , “Low Stress” handling is a member of the Pet Professional Guild of Australia and frequently attends continuing education conferences, seminars and other programmes to ensure she is up-to-date with the latest research and clinical improvements. She presents to the general public, does school visits and presents seminars to other vets, vet nurses and trainers to improve animal's mental health and wellbeing and safety around animals. Please get in touch via our email, website contact page or call. We’re looking forward to meeting you and your pet, and developing a plan to help improve your life together.

The Veterinarians of the ANZCVS Veterinary Behaviour Chapter are those with a specific interest and high level of expertise in the field of animal behaviour.

Founded in 2016, Fear Free provides online and in-person education to veterinary professionals, the pet professional community, and pet owners.

An in-depth understanding of reading the body language of dogs and cats in a veterinary or pet-care setting and how to respond to that animal to reduce stress.