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Behavioural Coaching and Training

What is Behaviour Modification?

Behaviour modification is about improving the animal’s underlying emotional state and changing their behavioural pattern. It is not obedience training, but we do sometimes teach simple cues that can help an animal learn better alternatives instead of practicing an unwanted behaviour.

Behaviour modification is an essential part of improving pet behavioural problems. Effective treatment of behaviour conditions includes addressing several areas:

  • neurochemical imbalance (assessed by Behaviour Veterinarian & assisted with medication if required)
  • reduction of triggers (by environmental management)
  • learning new coping mechanisms (by behaviour modification)

We only use positive reinforcement techniques during our coaching sessions which means we use treats, praise, play and pats – whatever the individual finds most reinforcing.

Qualified Trainer, Customised Plan

During the lessons, our Certificate IV Delta Institute qualified and Fear Free certified Behavioural Trainers / Coaches demonstrate and practice the training techniques with the client. A tailored training plan is sent after the lesson with detailed steps to follow at home. 

The number of sessions depend on your pet’s behavioural issues and your skills too, but our Behavioural Coaches will equip you with the theoretical and practical skills so you can work on the exercises at home. We recommend having a follow-up session in a few weeks from the initial lesson to fine tune your skills and address any concerns that you may have.

Venue, Fees, Bookings

Lessons are available at our venue (10/1 Patricks Road, Arana Hills), as home visits or via Zoom.

Each lesson includes one-on-one coaching and a detailed written plan. 

Travel fees apply to in-home lessons – please get in touch for a quote. 

  • Initial lesson - $160 (60 min)
  • 45 min one-on-one lesson follow-up $125
  • Prepaid Package 3 x 45 min one-on-one lessons - $330
  • Prepaid Package 4 x 45 min one-on-one lessons - $420
  • Prepaid Package 5 x 45 min one-on-one lessons - $500

To book a session with one of our Behavioural Coaches, please have a look at available times here:

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