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A Dog’s Christmas

Our doggos are a part of the family and we love having them around. Here are some tips on making things fun for your pooch as well as the rest of the family!

Food: Make sure your dog is not given overly fatty foods, chocolates, cooked bones etc. as these ‘special treats’ may result in you having to visit the Emergency Clinic on Christmas Day! Not a lot of fun for anyone! Also, if your pet is likely to ‘help himself to the Turkey’, please make sure everyone puts food up high.

Visitors: If your dog is anxious around visitors, make sure he has somewhere safe, calm and relaxing to go. Give him a long-lasting treat or chew to make the time more pleasant. You can play calm relaxing music and use Adaptil diffuser or lavender for extra support. And, make sure visitors don’t disturb him. And remember to always supervise pets and children when sharing the same space.

Fireworks: If your pet is afraid of Fireworks, ensure they have somewhere calm to be whilst they happening. Close curtains, switch lights on and switch on the radio or TV to muffle some of the background noise. If possible engage them in a fun game or offer a long lasting treat to help them feel more relaxed.

Christmas Presents: We love sharing the joy of Christmas with our fur buddies and there are any number of special treats, toys and pet presents available now. Just be sure to choose ones that contain safe ingredients and are produced by reputable manufacturers.

Although we love having our pets being part of the fun, please get in touch if you have concerns about how your pet is going to cope over the holiday season. There is a lot we can do to help!

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